Community Involvement

SK Group is a community minded company. They sponsor many different sports teams of all ages and genders including bantam, midget and men’s hockey teams, curling, baseball, soccer, and football. They are firm believers in the sporting community as it teaches the participants to work as a team, be self-sufficient, as well as fostering a healthy life style.

They also support many of the events that take place throughout the year such as Bon Soo (2013’’s sponsored event – SK Group City Wide Decorating Contest). The Great Tugboat Race, Sno Spike, and a variety of running races that occur throughout the year like Run the Great Lakes and Trail Trot just to name a few. The latter are examples of SK Group’s sponsorship in which the graphics department have been creating the different event logo designs for many years.

They have also been a part of the Lung Association’s Festival of Trees for the last twelve years, with SK Group’s staff working together to design a decorated tree with embroidered ornaments in their first year, and continuing their support throughout the past 11 years by creating and decorating wreaths using different elements from the many processes that are offered at SK Group.

SK Group is proud to support our heritage and has been a part of the sponsorship of The War of 1812 Commemoration in 2012 and 2013.

SK Group is a proud supporter of the following golf tournaments: the Mayor’s Golf Tournament; Northside Group tournament; the Group Health Centre tournament; the Anishinabek Police Service tournament; the Arch (Algoma Residential Community Hospice) tournament and the Don Doucet Memorial Golf tournament. They have either participated by putting a team in the tournament or as a sponsor with the support going to various causes throughout the city.

The staff at SK Group has also participated in raising money for the Big Bike Ride for the Heart & Stroke Association. They had a great time and look forward to continued participation every year.

For many years SK Group has been a strong supporter of the co-op programs for the separate and public high schools. They have had many students come work with them to get experience in the work world. They have always appreciated their efforts and have even hired some of the students that began as high school co-op placements.

In the last couple of years the graphic design co-op students from Sault College have come on board to do their placement at SK Group. They have worked in the graphic design, web design, print shop and sign shop as well as dabbled in the screen print area. Having all of these graphic elements in one place has really helped them see how and why they have to design logos in different ways. In the past few years the third year graphic design class from Sault College has come for a tour of the facility and have always been thoroughly impressed with the operations at SK Group.

Another way they have helped in the development of students work experience is through Algoma University and their Science without Borders program. They recently had two Brazilian students join them for three months to assist with the development of internal software. They were an asset to the company and learned many new techniques and applications in their field as well as had the opportunity to converse in English on a daily basis. We look forward to hosting more Brazilian students in the future.

They have had both the co-op students from the high school and college level participate in community activities that SK Group takes part in. Some of the activities include the Big Bike Ride, and assisting in the graphic design for the wreath for the Festival of Trees.

SK Group supports the co-op program because they know that once students have the chance to be out in the work world, they have a better understanding and less fear of the unknown when they are applying for future jobs.